TreatMeOut GlucoNID module

Test Blood Glucose level without prink.
Enable the TreatMeOut GlucoNID module, cover the phone camera and flash
and get accurate readings.


Get accurate readings using advanced PPG and Photonics techniques by covering the phone camera and flash.

Glucose History

Keep all your records organised in a mini Folder with History analytics and graphs for easy comprehension.

mobile Glucose measurement


Get personalized glucose level analysis based on Web-Tier intelligence and Backend Cloud Server.

Prognostic Indications

Get prognostic indications based on associated factors and clinical parameters that affect and get affected by Glucose level.

Our workflow

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Tests on animal subjects

we are performing trials at General Pharmacology Laboratory of the University of Patras, Greece at animal subjects.

Phase 1: Final Test Trials
Oct 24/2017

Tests on Human subjects

Simultaneously we perform trials at Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes Unit of the Medical School of the University of Patras, Greece at human subjects.

Phase 2: Final Test Trials
Oct 24/2017

Final Version Release of GlucoNID app

Following the clinical trials on animals and humans subjects we will do the final calibrations and we will release the final Apps at iTunes and Google Play store.

Phase 3: Final calibration and version release
Jan 02 2019

GlucoNID Project

Forget finger pricking: the first intelligent system using mobile phone
for diabetes sufferers "it is on the way" to offer a non-invasive way to measure blood glucose levels.

3-minute images Test vs. finger pricking

TreatMeOut system is been developed, and is about to enable accurate measurement of glucose levels without needing to prick skin with a needle; all in a 3-minute Test using TreatMeOut app. The app uses the Camera Lens to scan the blood flow changes of user fingertip and produce sequences of loss-less images. These sequences are, firstly, analysed on the spot and then sent to the Backend Cloud Server for analysis by the Intelligent subsystem providing improved outcomes and feedback.

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Test measurements steps

The following steps outline a simple and effective process for measuring HealthCare variables.
Depending on the familiarity with the smart phone functions, user can review and
organize these Test outcomes on medical folder.


Enable the Test

Open TreatMeOut Application and enable the Test of your choice according to your healthcare needs e.g. Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, Glucose etc.


Place you finger

Place your index finger, gently, on the back-camera lens and flash simultaneously as shown the Figure on side and provide the asked rights.

Glucose measurement

Press the Start

Begin the Test by pressing the Start Button. Hold this position until the test finishes. A real-time chart is displayed during the measurement.


Review the outcomes

Test outcomes (charts, analytics, and metrics) are instantly displayed (Rich Client). Data may be transferred and processed by the Intelligent Subsystem (Think Client) for accurate and personalized monitoring.

GlucoNID: A daily non-invasive need

TreatMeOut GlucoNID will enable new functionality and will dramatically improve the performance
of the current methods since it will provide a combined method.

TreatMeOut GlucoNID

GlucoNID Trials

TreatMeOut GlucoNID is currently undergoing clinical trials at the General Pharmacology Laboratory of the University of Patras, Greece (animal subjects) and the Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes Unit of the Medical School of the University of Patras, Greece (human subjects) and has been in development for three years. It has been fully designed by expert medical physicists following our valid methodology (Designing and redesigning medical telecare services: a forces-oriented model, Gortzis, 2007), developed by expert engineers and backed by clinical, and scientific evidence, with a board of leading doctors and professors.

HRV Explaination
TreatMeOut GlucoNID

GlucoNID all-in-one Service

TreatMeOut GlucoNID will be integrated in the main TreatMeOut system and will enable users to determine their glucose levels without drawing any blood, as well as finding out whether or not they are pre-diabetic; allowing them to make changes in routine lifestyle to avoid Type 2 diabetes. TreatMeOut GlucoNID is expected to be able to calculate blood glucose levels more precisely (error rate < 9%) than most commercial glucose meters (patent pending). Moreover, the prognostic subsystem based on the calculation of glycosylated hemoglobin and intelligence subsystem will be able to observe the trend of glucose progression in the blood and predict adequate upcoming hypoglycemia.

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