TreatMeOut Heart Rate Variability

Test HRV level without ECG.
Enable the TreatMeOut HRV Test, cover the phone camera and flash and get accurate readings.


Get accurate HRV readings using advanced PPG and Photonics techniques by covering the phone camera and flash.

Cardiovascular Indicator

Get a measurement of the efficiency and performance of your cardiovascular system.

mobile HRV measurement


Get personalized HRV level analysis based on Web-Tier intelligence and Backend Cloud Server.

Prognostic Indications

Get prognostic indications based on associated factors and clinical parameters that affect and get affected by HRV.

HRV A daily measurement need

Heart Rate Variability is affected by a number of internal and external factors, such as
age, hormones, the overall body functions, as well as lifestyle

TreatMeOut HRV

HRV even for athletes

Heart Rate Variability has lately gained the attention of people looking to daily track, understand and optimize their recovery and readiness. HRV is physiological phenomenon one can track with the TreatMeOut System but what is HRV all about and why should we care? Researchers and physiologists have been tracking and utilizing HRV for decades because it’s a useful biomarker of several health-related issues, but only lately has it grabbed the attention of general public, patients and the athletes.

HRV Explaination
TreatMeOut HRV

HRV as biomarker

Daily activities start the cardiovascular training. This training increases blood plasma volume, and subsequently increases stroke volume. As a result, heart preserve the blood flowing and maintain adequate blood pressure at a lower heart rate. Lower heart rate causes longer interbeat intervals and elevated HRV. In the long term, heart muscle strengthen means lower HR and higher HRV. Therefor increased values of HRV are a biomarker of healthy cardiovascular function, but also of overall health status.

Test measurements steps

The following steps outline a simple and effective process for measuring the HealthCare variable.
Depending on your familiarity with your smart phone functions, user can review and
organize these Test outcomes on medical folder.


Enable the Test

Open the TreatMeOut Application and enable the Test of your choice according to your healthcare needs e.g. Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, Glucose etc.


Place you finger

Place your index finger, gently, on the back-camera lens and flash simultaneously as shown the Figure on side and give the asked rights.

Glucose measurement

Press the Start

Begin the Test by pressing the Start Button. Hold this position until the test finishes. A real-time chart is displayed during the measurement.


Review the outcomes

Test outcomes (charts, analytics, and metrics) are instantly displayed (Rich Client). Data may be transferred and processed by the Intelligent Subsystem (Think Client) for accurate and personalized monitoring.

HRV Explanation

Studies suggest that people who have a higher HRV are actually healthier and live longer
with less risk of disease. A lower HRV is associated with heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes.

TreatMeOut HRV


Although hospital ECG is considered superior for the Heart Rate Variability measurement since it provides a clear waveform, which makes it easier to exclude heartbeats not originating in the sinoatrial node, using ECG, or electrocardiogram, it’s typically the R peak in the QRS complex that marks a heartbeat. Hence, the intervals between heartbeats are called R-R intervals.

HRV Explaination
TreatMeOut HRV


TreatMeOut HRV Test are performed using PPG (PhotoPlethysmoGraphy) technique. In this PPG technique signal it’s the steepest increase in the signal prior to the peak that marks a heartbeat. Instead of R-R intervals, HRV Test measures interbeat intervals, or IBIs. Moreover, TreatMeOut system can offer daily measurements of HRV that are needed for routing monitoring.

More and more Heath Status indicators

Heart rate variability (HRV) is the physiological phenomenon of variation in the time interval between heartbeats. It is
measured by the variation in the beat-to-beat interval and refers to heart beat's ability to shift throughout the human actions. For example,
having a high HRV means the body can efficiently change the heart rate depending on activity.

TreatMeOut and HRV

HRV and Cancer

Studies have shown that autonomic dysfunction is associated with shorter survival in patients with advanced cancer. Other Studies have shown the association between heart rate variability and survival in a large cohort of patients with cancer. Especially they have shown that the presence of cancer in combination with decreased heart rate variability (SDNN < 70 milliseconds) is associated with shorter survival time. (Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology 2015)

TreatMeOut and HRV

HRV as a Stress Biomarker

Lowered HRV can be due to a number of different factors. Stress can be induced by many different influences, e.g. caused by exertion or surgery. Stress acts directly on the autonomic nervous system, creating imbalance in the tug-of-war. When the autonomic nervous system is in balance, HRV tends to be higher, and when it is out of balance, HRV tends to be lower. This makes HRV a valid biomarker for stress test.

TreatMeOut and HRV

HRV and Glucose

Studies have demonstrated the links between HRV variables and Blood Glucose Levels. The dynamic nature of HRV provides a unique and real-time method for monitoring Blood Glucose Levels, for continuous noninvasive prediction and/or management of Diabetes mellitus. Glucose levels have a strong negative correlation (Pearson value of -0.4) with HRV. That means higher blood glucose had a strong relationship with lowered HRV (American Diabetes Association).

TreatMeOut and HRV

HRV and Coronary Atherosclerosis

Studies (Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 1999) have shown that low HRV analyzed from ambulatory ECG predicts rapid progression of coronary artery disease. HRV provided information on progression of focal coronary atherosclerosis beyond that obtained by traditional risk markers of atherosclerosis. In regression analysis including HRV progression of focal coronary atherosclerosis was independently predicted by the SDNN (beta=0.24; P=0.0001).

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