TreatMeOut Spot a Stroke Service

Prevent, Beat and Treat Stroke by thinking B.E.F.A.S.T.
A reliable clinical protocol to recognize the signs of a stroke
and get help right away.

6 simple Questions

User-friendly interfaces with 6 imaging questions for easy and straight-forward answers, even under critical situations.

Outcome Display

Once the test is completed, the final outcome is displayed, informing the user of his/her likely situation.

BEFAST Service


In the case of emergency response, and provided the indicated outcome is alerting, notifications are instantly sent out to the defined Emergency Contacts, as if the SOS Button was triggerred.

Proactive and Responsive

Although, BEFAST is intended for emergency situations, yet it can be used for frequent proactive check and additional piece of mind.

TreatMeOut Tracking Service

Do you often worry about people you care about, which are not close?
Keep an eye of those people, with a simple Button
and get notified, in case of danger.

LB Response

As a response to all sorts of alerts triggering, the Emergency contacts are informed of the exact location of the user in need.

Accurate Mapping

Location coordinates are good, but sometimes not enough. The Tracking Service, displays a map of the spotted location of the user, for real tracking

Tracking Service

Location SMS

Without the interference of the smartphone holder, you can always be informed of their position, with a simple SMS that is automatically sent to your smartphone with exact location coordinates.

GPS Settings

Enable or disable, at any time, the GPS tracking, according to your power resources, or your privacy preferences.

TreatMeOut Fall Detection Service

Meet the novel Fall Detection service
Adjust the settings, adapt the service exactly to suit your needs
for peace of mind.

Personal Surveillance

A reliable solution to the decline of physical fitness and an effective tool to personal surveillance.

Configuration Settings

Fully customizable to personal settings, e.g. speed, response time, duration and sound of alarm, etc.

Fall Detection Service


Apart from the audible alarm, the Fall Detection system connects with the Emergency Contacts and sends out notifications, with location information.

Increased Accuracy

Adaptive algorithm with increased accuracy and filters to remove false signals and identify actual Falls from deliberate fast body movements.

TreatMeOut SOS Button Service

Simple but can save lives!
You can rely on this service for constant surveillance (health and physical)
and imediate notifications.

Simple and User-Friendly

It couldn't be easier. It is designed to be there, clearly visible, for immediate response.


Apart from the audible alarm, the SOS Button connects with the Emergency Contacts and sends out notifications, with location information.

SOS Button Service

Manual Termination

In case of accidental triggering, manual termination is enabled, for preventing Supportive Actions. The termination process can be enabled within the first 15''.

Supportive Actions

Once the SOS Button, is triggered, Notifications in the form of text message, phone call or email, are send out, depending the preferred configuration.

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