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The use of the TreatMeOut system (the internet platform and the TreatMeOut App mobile application) is at the sole responsibility of the visitor-user and implies the full, unconditional acceptance and agreement of the TreatMeOut system, the following terms of use and the terms of the privacy policy . The following terms of use concern both the use of the app TreatMeOut platform by both a visitor and a registered user. Using and registering on our web platform means accepting, consenting, consenting, approving and agreeing on behalf of the visitor-user with the terms of use and privacy policy we follow. Use of this web platform automatically implies and accepts the terms as they apply and are updated by the web platform administrators. For any queries or clarifications please contact us electronically at

The visitor - user of the web platform and all the services of our website (TreatMeOut) must carefully read the terms of use and the conditions of services that follow before visiting or using our service and in the event of any dispute it ought to do not use them. Otherwise, it is presumed that they accept them and give their consent, consent and approval to them. The following terms of use apply to all content and, more generally, to anything contained on our site pages.
TreatMeOut may at any time modify the terms of use, the privacy policy and all the conditions it contains, and users must always check for any changes and if they continue to use improperly, they accept the modified terms conditions and consent, consent, agreement and approval. Otherwise, they must refrain from using - visiting our site. When a visitor-user sends information to the TreatMeOut website by completing the relevant app forms or sending an email, to serve a request or provide a service from TreatMeOut, the information must be provided accurately.

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HIPAA-based complaint

According to latest white paper on HIPAA Compliance.

HIPAA complaint

Physical safeguards

Physical safeguards include limited facility access and control, with authorized access in place. All covered entities, or companies that must be HIPAA compliant, must have policies about use and access to workstations and electronic media. This includes transferring, removing, disposing and re-using electronic media and electronic protected health information (ePHI).

HIPAA complaint

Technical safeguards

Technical safeguards require access control to allow only the authorized to access electronic protected health data. Access control includes using unique user IDs, an emergency access procedure, automatic log off and encryption and decryption.

HIPAA complaint

Technical policies

Technical policies should also cover integrity controls, or measures put in place to confirm that ePHI hasn’t been altered or destroyed. IT disaster recovery and offsite backup are key to ensure that any electronic media errors or failures can be quickly remedied and patient health information can be recovered accurately and intact.

HIPAA complaint

Network, or transmission, security

Network, or transmission, security is the last technical safeguard required of HIPAA compliant hosts to protect against unauthorized public access of ePHI. This concerns all methods of transmitting data, whether it be email, Internet, or even over a private network, such as a private cloud.

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